Santa Fe County Fair

The Best FREE Family Fun in Santa Fe County!!!

August 2 - 5, 2017

The County Fair is an annual event that offers youth and adults an opportunity to enter their crafts, food and animals and enjoy some down home good-hearted fun. The Fair is filled with animal shows, free live entertainment, good food and many educational opportunities.

Come join us for the best free family fun in the county!

2017 Events

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2017 Fair Exhibitor Book

Any Santa Fe County resident, youth ages 5-19, or adult, is eligible to enter articles in the indoor exhibits. Articles entered must be the work of the exhibitor and must have been completed within the last year. No person is allowed to make more than one entry per class number.

Please refer to the Open Fair Book for additional rules, entry deadlines, and available classes.

The Santa Fe County Fair Board has a new and exciting opportunity for open adult exhibitors! If an exhibitor is interested in selling their exhibit (any non-food item)- the fair board is willing to assist with the advertisement. All items that are for sale will be identified with a sticker on the bottom of the entry tag. Interested buyers will contact that exhibitor using the name and phone number as listed on the entry tag. Exhibits shall be claimed upon presentation of exhibitor identification at the close of the fair. All sales are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and must take place after check out on Sunday.

If you are an exhibitor interested in this opportunity please be sure to check the box in the For Sale column on the registration form for the items that you are interested in selling.

How can I contribute to the Santa Fe County Fair?

2016 Fair Results

2016 Salsa Winners

Congratulations to all our winners!

1st Jacob Montoya

2nd Paul Ewy

3rd Kim Ortega


1st Jacob Montoya

2nd Renell Roybal

3rd Paula Ewy

4th Arly Garcia

5th Angel Sanford

6th Steve Oldroyd


RED SALSA * 4 Serrano peppers * 5 Jalapenos * 3 Roma tomatoes * 1 Small onion * 2 15oz cans tomato sauce * Garlic and salt to taste - Chop peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes and onion. Mix together and add tomato sauce. Sprinkle with garlic, salt to taste.

RED SALSA #2 * 1 Can of whole, peeled tomatoes * 4 Jalapenos * 1/4 Red onion * 1 tsp Garlic powder * 1 tsp Salt - Chop jalapenos, add tomatoes and onion. Mix together. Add garlic and salt.

SUMMER'S SALSA * Tomato - one large can * Green chile * Garlic * Salt and pepper - Puree all and chill

ROASTED HABANERO & MANGO SALSA * 1 can Diced tomatoes * Pinch of sale * 1 Tbsp. Fresh cilantro (chopped) * 1/4 tsp. garlic salt or 1 clove fresh garlic (minced) * 1 Mango (chopped) * 2 Habaneros (diced finely) - Roast your habaneros until charred, then put them aside to steam. Keep 1/2 of all ingredients off to the side, put the other half into the blender. Blend well, then add the half you put aside in so that you have a little chunky texture to your salsa. Serve with chips and ENJOY!

2016 Overall Champions
Indoor Open Youth Winners
Indoor Adult Winners
2016 Small Pet Winners

BEST TRICK * 1st Ryan & Moose * 2nd Hanna & Jack * 3rd Kaytee & Monkey * 4th Bonnie & Dolly * 5th Shyann & Moose * 6th Zippy & Nemo * 7th tie Charli & Spike; Johni & Snowflake

MOST COLORFUL * 1st Addie & Rocket * 2nd Charlotte & Fish

BEST KISS * 1st Lily & Clementine * 2nd Bonnie & Dolly * 3rd Caroline & Smokey * 4th Charli & Spike * 5th Addie & Rocket * 6th Johni & Snowflake

MOST UNIQUE * 1st Maddie & Clover * 2nd Trevor & Bully * 3rd Austyn & Archie * 4th Liliana & Brownie * 5th Charli & Spike * 6th Lily & Clementine * 7th Charlotte & Fish

BEST LOOK-A-LIKE OR COSTUME * 1st Maleaha & Oliver * 2nd Kaytee & Monkey * 3rd Liliana & Brownie * 4th Hanna & Jack * 5th Johni & Snowflake * 6th EJ & Hulk * 7th Zippy & Nemo

CUTEST PET * 1st Natalie & Kahlua * 2nd Charli & Spike * 3rd Maddie & Clover * 4th Trevor & Bully * 5th tie Bonnie & Dolly; Caroline & Smokey * 6th tie Emily & Kate; Julia & Lucky; Maleaha & Oliver * 7th EJ & Hulk * 8th tie Lily & Clementine; Shyann & Moose; Reiner & Calvin

We are located at:

3229 Rodeo Road Santa Fe, NM 87507

West of the Genoveva Chavez Community Center, East of the Rodeo grounds