Santa Fe County Fair

The Best FREE Family Fun in Santa Fe County!!!

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August 3 - 6, 2016

The County Fair is an annual event that offers youth and adults an opportunity to enter their crafts, food and animals and enjoy some down home good-hearted fun. The Fair is filled with animal shows, free live entertainment, good food and many educational opportunities.

Come join us for the best free family fun in the county!

2016 Events

Click here for the latest Santa Fe County Fair schedule for 2016!

2016 Fair Exhibitor Book

Any Santa Fe County resident, youth ages 5-19, or adult, is eligible to enter articles in the indoor exhibits. Articles entered must be the work of the exhibitor and must have been completed within the last year. No person is allowed to make more than one entry per class number.

Please refer to the Open Fair Book for additional rules, entry deadlines, and available classes.

The Santa Fe County Fair Board has a new and exciting opportunity for open adult exhibitors! If an exhibitor is interested in selling their exhibit (any non-food item)- the fair board is willing to assist with the advertisement. All items that are for sale will be identified with a sticker on the bottom of the entry tag. Interested buyers will contact that exhibitor using the name and phone number as listed on the entry tag. Exhibits shall be claimed upon presentation of exhibitor identification at the close of the fair. All sales are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and must take place after check out on Sunday.

If you are an exhibitor interested in this opportunity please be sure to check the box in the For Sale column on the registration form for the items that you are interested in selling.

Salsa and Chile Challenge 2016!

Take the challenge and put your best chile or salsa recipe to the test!

New!! Smoker Pit Contest 2016

  • 2016 Smoker Pit Contest entry form
    New this year . . . Are you a Smoke Master?! If you are a Santa Fe County employee or 4-H family member enter this great new category and show off your smokin' talents!

2015 Winners

Congratulations to the 2015 Chile Challenge Winners!

Gringo Chile 1st place Deanna McQuillan 2nd place Nancy Moore

Red Chile 1st place Stephanie Huerta-Branch 2nd place Lisa Boulware

Green Chile 1st place Cindy Barfield 2nd place Lisa Boulware 3rd place Nancy Moore

This year's Chile Challenge was a huge success! Thank you to the Santa Fe County Sangre de Christo Church for organizing this fun event.

Congratulations to this 2015 Salsa Contest Winners!!

Red Salsa 1st Orlando Padilla of Santa Fe 2nd Bev Kelman of Santa Fe

Green Salsa 1st Renell Roybal of Santa Fe

Pice de Gallo 1st Matt O'Reilly of Santa Fe 2nd Cynthia Rector of Santa Fe

People's Choice Cynthia Rector of Santa Fe

Special thank you to the team from St. John's Methodist Church for organizing the fun and tasty contest!!

2015 Small Pet Winners

Cutest: 1st place Lilliana and Buttercup 2nd place Holly and the The Bunnies 3rd place Serenity and Bruno 4th place Charli and Spike 5th place Tayler and Brody

Obedient: 1st place Tayler and Brody 2nd place Shayann and Moose

Best Look-A-Like: 1st place Serenity and Bruno 2nd place Maddie and Chip

Most Unusual: 1st place Charli and Spike 2nd place Maddie and the Tadpole 3rd place Mackenzie and Yael & Meadow 4th place Hanna and Jack 5th place Lilliana and Buttercup 6th place Shyann and Moose

Best Costume: 1st place Maddie and Lanny 2nd place Charli and Spike 3rd place Holly and Ginger 4th place Serenity and Bruno 5th place Tayler and Brody

Best Trick: 1st place Hanna and Jack (the Bike Riding Dog!) 2nd place Holly and Ginger 3rd place Shyann and Moose 4th place Serenity and Bruno 5th place Charli and Spike 6th place Tayler and Brody

How can I contribute to the Santa Fe County Fair?

We are located at:

3229 Rodeo Road Santa Fe, NM 87507

West of the Genoveva Chavez Community Center, East of the Rodeo grounds

2015 Fair Results

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