Agriculture programs at Santa Fe county


Santa Fe County agriculture industry has a rich and prosperous history beginning with the first establishments of native cultures and later the migration of Spanish farmers and ranchers and the establishment of an acequia system for water distribution and crop management. Within the county boundaries exist a wide range of diverse agricultural enterprises ranging from small farm vegetable and fruit production to large commercial beef cattle and forage crops. Additionally, Santa Fe county hosts five native american pueblos.

Main commodities produced in Santa Fe County in terms of cash receipts include Cattle and Calves for beef production, hay production in terms of alfalfa and other forages taking second in the category. Among a growing surge in agricultural production is the small farm and ranch with over 715 farms in the county averaging just over 1000 acres in size. The 93 acequias are also a contributor to the many small acreage owners/ producers contributing to the several farmers markets in the area.

Agriculture in Santa Fe County Continues to be competitive and viable industry and requires the continuous flow of appropriate research based technology to address local needs and improve the farmer's bottom line and delivery of fresh local food to an impoverished population.

Agriculture in Santa Fe in many ways remains the same through out the ages with small food plots for home use and preservation as well as large agriculture production in the southern parts of the county.

Small Farm & Ranch Sustainability Series 2019

Image of Small Farm & Ranch flyer

NMSU Santa Fe Cooperative Extension and Santa Fe County Present: Small Farm & Ranch Sustainability Series 2019

Saturday Sessions: 9am to Noon

  • Sept 28: Soil & Soil Building
  • Oct 12: Forest Health & Public Lands
  • Oct 26: Fruit Crops & Orchard Management
  • Nov 16: Vegetables & Hoop Houses

Thursday Sessions: 6pm to 8pm

  • Oct 3: Farm & Business Planning
  • Oct 17: Farm Programs & Organizations
  • Nov 7: Animal Production
  • Nov 21: Forage/Hay, Improved Pasture & Range land
  • Dec 5: Farm & Ranch Sustainability

To pre-register call: 505-471-4711 or contact Tom Dominguez at: Each workshop is $10 to cover materials and refreshments