Parenting & Child Development

The New Mexico Selected Health Statistics Report presents that the county birth rate equals 13.3 births per 1,000 population. The births to single mothers decreased by 1% while births to teen mothers increased by 1%. The reports also indicate that low birth weights births increased by 15% from last year. Santa Fe County is also below the state level for prenatal care.

Past program evaluations reflect the valuing of and need for educational resources for providing quality childcare by county childcare providers. The Children , Youth And Family Department, Nutrition Bureau reports an estimated 7,100 childcare providers in Santa Fe County. Of those 3, 378 are licensed providers enrolled in the food program and 881 are registered home providers. Program evaluations also show a need for educational services for adult daycare providers and participants. The mentioned are indicators for strengthening the program needs of young families, single parents, childcare providers and adult daycare program providers and participants. All needing information on components of nutrition, safety, personal development and child development.