Shooting Sports

The goal of the 4-H Shooting Sports Program is youth development. Through participation in firearm safety training and shooting sports activities, young men and women are given the opportunity to learn responsibility, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and other qualities critical to the development of productive citizens.

4-H Shooting Sports is a national program with over 300,000 young people taking part, thus making it one of the largest shooting education programs in the United States. New Mexico 4-H Shooting Sports involves of kids and continues to grow annually.


• Every discipline currently has practices scheduled

• Coaches will be communicating with shooters in their own discipline

• It is very important to communicate with your coaches. They may ask you to RSVP for practices- make sure you do this! They are trying to schedule the appropriate amount of shooters per practice time. If you are not receiving information about practices it might be because you are not enrolled in that project.

• You are required to attend at least ONE Official practice in order to compete in that discipline at county contest

Novice and Junior Shooters are required to take a written test at the District Contest Level. Below are some test banks that can be used to study for these tests. In addition to these test banks, you may also study your project books.”

Test Banks